Welcome to Day Trippin with Patty & Vicky, LLC in Vero Beach, Florida

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We begin our Day Trippin' by boarding a comfortable, luxurious bus from Magic Carpet Ride. Enjoy snacks on board and make new friends as we head to our destination.

You will be notified of the location for pick up in Vero Beach, as times may vary from trip to trip.

NEW Round About Tours

Day Trippin' with Patti & Vicky LLC is introducing a new tour called Round About tours.  These tours will be limited to smaller groups traveling in vehicles designed to carry approximately 10-14 people and can easily access destinations that are not usually accessible by large tour buses.  Also, Round About tours will focus on businesses and attractions that are within a 100 mile radius of Vero Beach.  

Future Round About tours will include visits to marine & research labs, ranches, theaters, museums, concerts, botanical gardens, wineries, zoos, sporting events, etc.  These Round About tours are designed for the general public, VIP groups, clubs, civic organizations, schools, church groups, etc.