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Patti Gibbons

Graduated from Vero Beach High School in 1967; went to Jones Business College - graduated in 1969.  Spent next 8 years working and living in Atlanta GA and San Francisco CA.  Married high school sweetheart, Darby Gibbons, in 1977.  Moved to North Central Massachusetts where our beautiful daughter, Emily, was born.  Also worked as Director of small Community Action Center from 1980-83 where I worked on behalf of senior citizens and needy citizens/families in Winchendon, MA - providing fuel assistance, housing assistance, childcare assistance, Meals on Wheels, parenting classes, babysitting classes, classes on survival skills, etc.    Helped to form and co-lead the first League of Women Voters in Winchendon.
Moved back to Florida to be close to families. Returned to college at the ripe age of 40 and completed my bachelors degree.  Began working at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Ft. Pierce, FL in 1989 where I worked as the Associates Program (Membership) Coordinator until my retirement in 2011.  While working at Harbor Branch, I worked with over 50 volunteers in the tour program, the gift shop and the membership program.  Started organizing day trips and extended trips in 1995 as a way to encourage people to join Harbor Branch, to bring members together and to raise money for Harbor Branch science and research.  During that time, we traveled to places as close as Okeechobee and to places as far away as the Galapagos Islands.  We organized 5 trips to the Galapagos Islands and I was fortunate to accompany the group in 2002 with my husband. Darby.  A bucket list item for sure!   I'm so glad we did because Dary was diagnosed with cancer shortly thereafter and he passed away in 2009.  Emily graduated from U of F and became a teacher in Vero Beach where she teaches and resides today.   I retired from HBOI in 2011 after it merged with FAU.  In 2013, several Harbor Branch Associate members approached me and asked me to start organizing trips again.   
Met with Vicky Stein with whom I had met while working at Harbor Branch and Day Trippin' with Patti & Vicky was born.  Originally, we worked under the auspices of Treasure Coast Travel until 2014 when we ventured out on our own and became Day Trippin' with Patti & Vicky LLC and obtained our License to Sell Travel in the State of Florida.   Since its conception, Day Trippin ' with Patti & Vicky LLC has taken over 600 people from three counties to cities and towns around Florida traveling as far north as St. Augustine to as far south as the Everglades and Big Cypress Preserve.  We've also explored art and history museums around the state as well as nature centers, aquariums and wineries -- and there is still so much more to explore!


Vicky Stein


I have been a Travel Agent for over 20 years,  the last agency I worked for was in Boynton Beach, Florida.  I moved to Vero Beach and met Patti Gibbons while volunteering at the Discovery Center at Harbor Branch in Ft. Pierce.  I am enthralled with the History, Diversity and wildlife in Florida, and I am eager to share it with others through the Day Trips that Patti and I plan and escort.